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By Hanley & Co. June 27, 2017


We all make mistakes when it comes to denims. We do!

It happens but we live and learn and any of you who have tried the double denim ensemble and walked out that door thinking you looked like James Dean only to be told you've borrowed Jon Bon Jovi's look from 1987 an hour later will know where I'm coming from. But, if I can recover then so can you.

Double denim need not be so hazardous, so disastrous, have us living on a prayer halfway there. I've a few fail safe hints because I've worn the t-shirt and wished I was an ostrich with my head stuck in the sand! Here is how denim can work for you and not come back to haunt you. All I can say is 'thank god social media didn't exist in the in nineties!’ Praise the lord!

So let's get back to basics and back to black. Dark colours work for most of us. They flatter us and hide what we want to hide. Black on black can work, but I tend to favour a white t-shirt if the rest of my outfit is black as for one I'd be afraid Johnny Cash would be texting me asking for his look back and let's face it, no-one can emulate the late great Johnny Cash, so let's not try!

Condenimed - Double Denim - Black

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A simple change to any double denim look is to change the shades. It is actually that simple. If you are wearing dark jeans then match them up with a light wash denim jacket. It's grungy. It's Nirvana but it's simplistic. Denim doesn't have to be complicated. We just make it an algorithm when really it’s a slush puppy on a hot day in Salthill!

Condenimed - Double Denim - Blue

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Sticking along the lines of changing only the shade of your jacket while opting for a pair of darker denim jeans, how about a jacket in a neutral tone like white or beige? Less stress more success I say and these colours over dark denim jeans creates a less formal killer monochrome outfit. Keep accessories to a minimum as you do not want to add clutter. You want to look sleek.. Remember: think luxe and expensive. In your head you can be a Ferrari when in reality, you cycle a bike but no-one needs to know. No-one! Dress to impress but do not over kill. Someone may want a lift in your Ferrari, so how do you explain your BMX?? See, I'm talking sense!

Condenimed - Double Denim - Beige

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...and I'm on a roll. I think!

I have made double denim less intimidating. I have made the impossible possible so I will aim even higher and introduce you to a double blue denim ensemble. It can be carried off. Trust me! It's a classic summer look and it’s not as difficult as you may think to get right. The key to success is not to match the shade of denim too closely. You still need to show you have a top and bottom half and are not essentially a long necked body with no clear division! All you have to do is to keep one shade of your denim outfit a little lighter. My choice would be to go with a pair of dark indigo jeans with a classic blue denim (see Superdry) or chambray shirt (check out Farah). It's clean and simple and people will not ask if you're on your way to an 80's disco if they see you in Coppers. Bon Jovi will never know your murdering his street cred!


Light into dark is neater. Wear the same shade of blue all over and your mates will never speak to or want to be seen with you and you'll deserve this fashion isolation because denim talks. It don't sing and it don't walk and as long as you guys listen to me, I'd like to say, we'll do okay, forever in our blue jeans...


Nice ending! I surprised even myself! Neil Diamond; you're not just a rhinestone cowboy, you're a legend man!


Until next time!



Hanley & co - Dapperay
Posted in: Style Tips
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