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Two Ways To Wear: Lacoste Polo

By Hanley & Co July 3, 2017

Two Ways To Wear Lacoste Polo


Wimbledon is here! Time to pop on your polo and channel your inner Djokovic. Here we show you two ways to wear the iconic Lacoste polo.


By Hanley & Co. June 27, 2017


We all make mistakes when it comes to denims. We do!

It happens but we live and learn and any of you who have tried the double denim ensemble and walked out that door thinking you looked like James Dean only to be told you've borrowed Jon Bon Jovi's look from 1987 an hour later will know where I'm coming from. But, if I can recover then so can you.

Two Ways To Wear: Selected Shhcoach Jacket

By Hanley Hanley June 21, 2017

Two Ways To Wear Selected Shhcoach

We all know summer in Ireland is tricky to dress for. You need to plan for every eventuality! Which makes this Selected Schhocach Jacket the perfect summer piece.

How To Go From Smart To Casual In 5 Easy Steps

By admin May 16, 2017

When I go to work in the morning, I always have one eye on where I will be after work and come mid-May, there is only one place to be and that’s at a bar watching Messi in the Champions League! Well I would be only he’s no longer in the competition is he? So my dress code for work is casual and relaxed. It always is. No need to turn up for the football dressed in a three piece tweed suit and bowler hat. There is nowhere to go in Ireland where you will successfully pull off this look and if there was, I would know!!! Anyway, the Champions League has got me thinking? How easy is it to go from formal to casual? How do I go to the bar and avoid looking like Billy no mates first of all and can I look sharp without looking too casual? Can I make my life easier? Well yes I can!

Here’s how to go from smart to casual in five easy steps:

smart casual

Hanley's Sporting Heroes Jack Carty

By admin May 5, 2017

One of our Hanley's Sporting Heroes this month is Irish rugby player Jack Carty. We asked Jack a few questions about his training and his achievements when he visited Hanley & Co.

jack carty