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9 to 5 style guide - Look the business in Work

When we were in school we only dreamed about the days when we would no longer need to wear a uniform but we never expected how somewhat challenging this can be on a daily basis when needing to dress smart and look professional in the office. With this in mind, we have put together this style guide to ensure that you look  the business in your 9-5. 


How should you dress for the office? 

When planning your outfits for wearing to the office you should be aiming to create a professional, polished and conservative look. Business attire does vary from company and industry but basic office attire would include a formal shirt, suit pants, suit shoes and minimal jewellery. It’s always best to err on the side of being overdressed rather than being underdressed. 

What is not appropriate to wear in the office? 

As a general rule, we should avoid wearing anything too casual in the office unless stated you can do so for example some offices host casual Thursdays or Fridays where they allow employees to dress more comfortably and casually. When these events are been hosted you must avoid wearing anything revealing or distracting. These pieces include shorts, t-shirts (unless worn underneath a blazer), sandals or flip flops, sportswear, torn or frayed clothing, clothing with offensive messaging or graphics,  excessive jewellery or accessories and extreme or distracting hairstyles or facial hair. Remember to always follow the company's dress code and if in doubt observe what your colleagues wear in the office. 


Are jeans ok for the office?

Whether or not jeans are appropriate for the office really depends on the company’s dress code and the industry. In some offices where the dress code is more casual jeans are acceptable as long as they are clean and in good condition and styled with a blazer or a formal shirt. In more formal offices jeans are not considered appropriate business attire and should be avoided unless told otherwise. 


What is casual business attire in the office? 

Casual business attire is a more relaxed dress code that still requires a polished and professional look. Business casual attire includes well-fitted straight-leg or skinny-fit jeans or chinos, a shirt, a polo shirt, dress shoes or loafers, blazer or bomber jacket and minimal jewellery. 


Our top picks for your 9-5 style

Strellson High Street Jacket 

This classic overcoat by Strellson is perfect for wearing to and from the office. This jacket styled with a formal shirt and suit pants will ensure you look professional and polished. It will help you to create a super stylish look whilst also keeping you warm as it is designed using a wool blend fabric. 


Eton Slim Fit Shirt 

You can’t go wrong with a pale blue shirt for the office. The pale blue isn’t as harsh as wearing a white shirt but still gives that polished and professional look. Eton is one of our favourite brands when it comes to shirts like this as the quality is exceptional and will provide the wearer with comfort. 

Strellson Mercer 2.0 Slim Fit Pants


These slim-fit pants by Strellson are perfect business attire. When styled with the above shirt by Eton and either the Strellson Overcoat or a blazer they will create the perfect polished look which is sleek, professional and conservative. These pants can also be styled with many different looks which means that you will get a lot of wear out of them too. 


Bugatti Mansueto Flex Comfort Shoe 

A pair of shoes can often be overlooked but can in fact make or break an outfit. This pair of shoes by Buggati is perfect for wearing in the office. They are available in both shades chestnut and black which means you can have a pair to suit every look. 


Armani Exchange Knitted Crew Neck 

On the days when a more casual look is required, it is still important to look smart. We suggest wearing this Armani Exchange Knitted Crew Neck jumper over a collared shirt. This look is very popular as it is an effective smart casual outfit which ensures the wearer is comfortable and makes them feel more relaxed as they wind down for the weekend. 


If you have any more questions about creating your 9-5 looks please do not hesitate in reaching out to us in either of our stores, by calling us at 091 567 951 or sending us a dm  on Instagram. 


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