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Damian Browne: Smart Casual Look

If you read our previous blog post you will know that we styled Damian Browne for his appearance on the Late Late show and then had the pleasure of including him in our photoshoots as well as styling him in a number of different looks. Today we are sharing Damian’s choice of Smart Casual attire. 


Eden Park Sleeveless Puffa Jacket Bordeaux 

Sleeveless Puffa Jackets are a must-have this season. They are perfect for layering which will keep you warm which is essential for this time of year especially now that the temperature has dropped. They are practical pieces but also stylish. This one by Eden Park is the perfect piece not only to wear all year round but is the perfect smart casual piece for wearing when visiting family and friends throughout the holiday season.  You can purchase this jacket here. 


Eden Park Caple Knit ¼ Zip Jumper

As this jacket is sleeveless layers are essential to keep you warm. Our top tip for layering is to include knitwear for extra warmth and comfort. This cable knit by Eden Park is perfect for this and is also the perfect smart casual piece for wearing throughout the Christmas season. You can purchase this jumper here. 


Eden Park Cotton Checked Shirt Bordeaux 

Shirts have a way of elevating your outfit and making you look like you have put in a lot more effort than you actually have. This shirt is made using a soft material which makes it comfortable to wear underneath a knit sweater. It is also the perfect shirt for wearing during the Christmas season due to its colour and pattern. You can purchase the shirt here. 

Bugatti Regular Fit Jeans 

Jeans are a staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe all year round. They are perfect for the smart casual look. They can be dressed up or dressed down and can be worn day or night. This pair by Bugatti are very soft and comfortable which makes them perfect for everyday activities. You can purchase these jeans here. 


Bugatti Thorello Shoe Brown 

To complete this look we choose the Bugatti Thorello Shoe in shade brown. Again very comfortable footwear which completes the smart casual look. As these shoes are a soft leather finish they are perfect for this time of year as they prevent your feet from getting wet and can be wiped clean. You can purchase this footwear here. 


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