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Freshen Up Your Wardrobe For Spring

Spring is officially here which means that now is the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe. As the temperature is starting to rise it is time to put away those heavy winter coats and make room for transitional pieces that will carry your through to Spring and Summer. 


How To Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for Spring 

As mentioned in one of our previous posts building a capsule wardrobe is essential if you want to look sleek and put together all year round. This does not mean that you need to go out and purchase a new wardrobe every season so before attempting to freshen up your wardrobe we thought we would put together a guide on what you can do before you start shopping so that you only invest in the items you actually need.


  1. Make sure all your items of clothing are in one spot

We are all guilty of leaving our coats and jackets in the kitchen or the hallway. This is usually how items are forgotten about, so make sure to go around your home and pick up any items left lying around and have them all in the same spot. 


  1. Look at your clothes 

Hang all of your clothes up. Investing in an extra clothing rail is perfect for this task as it helps you to see exactly what you have. While you have your clothes all in one place access your clothes, if you haven’t worn any items the previous year or if the items aren’t up to the standard they once were now is the perfect time to donate these items to the appropriate place. 


  1. Pair up outfits you continuously wear

Put all the items that you continuously wear on one rail or back in your wardrobe and figure out if you can mix and match these items or style them in a different way. As you do this make a note of any items you are missing. 


  1. Get creative 

Get creative and see if you can create any more looks with the items you already have. 


  1. Pick up staple pieces

Refer back to your list of missing pieces and make a note of what you need. From here you can then look at what's trending and see how you can fit it into your wardrobe. 



Spring Summer Looks


Belstaff Cotton Fleece 1924 Logo Crew Swestshirt


This cotton fleece logo crew sweatshirt by Belstaff is the perfect piece for freshening up  your wardrobe for spring. The arctic blue shade will brighten up any outfit which makes it perfect for the transitioning season. It is designed using cotton fleece which means that it will keep you warm when wearing underneath a light jacket. It is comfortable and cosy and can be dressed up or dressed down which    


Boss Black Delaware3-1 Slim Fit Jeans Super Stretch Denim


While freshening your spring wardrobe why not treat yourself to a fresh new pair of denim jeans? In the winter we are all about black jeans but in the springtime navy or lighter-washed denim is perfect for brightening up any outfit. This pair by Boss are perfect for dressing up or dressing down as they are a slim fit so they look dressy but are stretch denim so they will be comfortable. 


Clae Bradley Leather Cupsole Shoe


A fresh new pair of trainers will finish off this springtime look. This pair by Clae is perfect for this time of year as they are a leather finish so they will keep your feet dry if it rains and can be easily wiped if they get dirty. 


Profuomo Woolen Crew Neck

Another wardrobe must-have for spring is this Profuomo Woolen Crew Neck in shade beige. Even though the weather is getting warmer there is still a chill in the air and there will be an occasional day when the weather won’t be that great so having a cosy jumper just like this is a must. It is a neutral tone so you can create a very sophisticated look with it by styling it with a pair of jeans or chinos. 


Brax Chuck Jeans 

To complement the beige crew neck by Profuomo we styled this pair of Brax Chuck jeans in the shade black. As mentioned in one of our previous posts when building a capsule wardrobe it is so important to work off a colour palette and invest in good quality pieces that you will get a lot of wear out of and will last you for years to come. This pair of jeans in particular are exactly what we mean by this. 


Boss Accessories Connio Leather Belt


Another must-have accessory you need for freshening up your Spring Wardrobe is a belt. Boss Accessories have the best belts and have a large collection. For this look, we chose the Boss Accessories Connio Leather Belt in the shade dark brown. This belt will finish off  any outfit and will give it some structure. Investing in a good quality belt such as this one will last your years and is a piece that you will wear again and again. 


If you have any questions please feel free to visit us in either of our stores, call us on 091 567 951 or send us a dm on Instagram at


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