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Gilet Season

Gilets have made a huge comeback this year and here at Hanley & Co we can see why. Not only are they very much on trend they are also practical pieces as they will keep your body very warm and are the perfect pieces for layering. 

Boss Green V_Thor Water Repellent Gilet 

This Boss Green V_Thor Water Repellent Gilet in shade Dark  Blue is the perfect piece for Autumn/Winter. Not only are Gilets very on trend this season they are comfy and practical. They will keep your body super warm and are perfect for layering. They also aren’t bulky as your arms are free making them very easy to wear. They are also water resistant which will keep you dry in our very unpredictable weather. 

Boss Green Paddy Organic-Cotton Polo Shirt 

Polo shirts are also very popular pieces all year round and this one by Boss Green is no exception. The shade is called Dark Pink but it is more of a deep red or maroon shade which is the perfect shade for Autumn/Winter. Our polos come in both long and short sleeves which makes them perfect for layering and keeping you super warm.


Boss Business Jeans

A good pair of jeans is a must-have for everyone's wardrobe. Investing in a good pair of jeans that are comfortable and fit you well will ensure that you get a lot of wear out of them and will last you years. Featured here are our Boss Business Jeans in shade navy which have 50% off but you can choose from our large collection of jeans when styling your outfit. 

Boss Footwear 

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of footwear. We styled this look with a pair of trainers by Boss Footwear which we think are perfect for this look and a great pair of footwear for the Autumn/Winter season as they have a thick sole and a dark shade of navy. There is 25% off at the moment so there is no better time than now to pick them up. 


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