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How To Build a Capsule Wardrobe

In last week's blog post, we shared our tips on how to build a capsule wardrobe. This proved to be a very popular post as we received a lot of questions asking us for more examples of pieces which are essential for building a capsule wardrobe and while our Winter Sale is still on now is the perfect time to stock up on essential wardrobe pieces. 


Superdry Hooded Classic Puffer Jacket

A puffer jacket is essential in everyone’s wardrobe and nowadays they are so much more stylish as you can see from this one by Superdry. As Irish weather is so unpredictable it is important to have a jacket like this that you can pop on when running out the door. This jacket will bring style and warmth to your look whilst also keeping you dry and protected from the rain. This jacket is also perfect for layering on colder days and even has a detachable hood. You can view our entire collection of casual jackets here. 


Tommy Hilfiger TH Monogram Appliqué Hoodie 

Hoodies can often be an overlooked piece but are essential for your wardrobe. When investing in a hoodie such as this one by Tommy Hilfiger will ensure that you can wear it not only for relaxing at home during the weekends but for running to the shop, grabbing a coffee or meeting friends. Hoodies don’t need to be seen as loungewear that you only wear at home any more and can look very stylish when styled right. We have a large selection of premium hoodies for you to choose from. You can view our collection here. 


Calvin Klein Comfort Debossed Logo Sweatshirt

If hoodies aren’t your style, don’t worry we also have a large collection of sweatshirts which are just as comfortable as hoodies and can be dressed up or dressed down depending if you are wearing them at home or popping out. We purposely choose the very understated one by Calvin Klein as some customers prefer a more minimal look with less branding. You can view our entire collection of sweatshirts here. 


Eton Slim Fit Signature Twill Shirt

Another must-have when building your capsule wardrobe is a good-quality shirt. Here we have featured a crisp white shirt by Eton but you can choose any colour or pattern that suits your style. A shirt can make or break an outfit and the better quality the shirt the more comfortable it will be, if looked after it will last for years to come. We have a wide variety of plain, coloured and patterned shirts for you to choose from and you can few this collection here. 


Brax Fabio Modern Fit Chino 

A pair of chinos is another essential for your wardrobe. They are a smarter piece of clothing so it is easy to see how they can be overlooked especially if you wear a uniform for work or don’t work in an office you may feel that you won’t get the wear out of them but you never know when the occasion may arise that your need a pair and you don’t want to be stressed looking for a good pair when this happens. We have featured a beige here by Brax but we have a large collection in many different colours which you can view here. 

We hope that you have found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to visit us in either of our stores, call us on 091 567 951 or send us a dm on Instagram at


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