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How to Dress for the office

Once upon a time office wear was very dull and boring but nowadays workwear is a lot more chic and sophisticated. With the introduction of casual Fridays colour and patterns are seen on a regular basis in our offices today. 

Patterned Shirts 

Patterned shirts have a way of making you look like you have put in more effort than you actually have. They are chic and sophisticated and make you look really put together and professional. Over the coming weeks we will have a selection of autumn/winter florals and patterned shirts available both in store and online. You can check out our current shirt collection here. 



Similar to the introduction of floral and patterned shirts worn in the office, the style of trousers suitable for work wear has also changed. The styles are a lot more relaxed nowadays and more comfortable then they used to be. Here at Hanley & Co we have a large selection of trousers and chinos to choose from along with many more styles that will be arriving both in store and online over the next few weeks. You can view our entire collection of trousers and chinos here. 



Not only has clothing styles changed for office wear, so has footwear. Suit shoes of course are just as popular and as stylish as they once were but if it’s casual Fridays or if your office's vibe is more casual in general loafers may be a more practical choice. Loafers are comfortable, stylish and can be worn all year round. They are available in both leather and suede depending on what look you want to go with. You can view our entire collection of shoes here. 


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