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How To Wear A Casual Blazer This Summer

Summer is officially here and we have a feeling it is going to be our busiest year yet. With so many events happening this summer it can be difficult to decide what to wear to each one. 

By focusing on one statement piece and keeping the rest of your outfit simple you can easily mix and match items and create different looks. 

With Father’s Day being one of the first events just around the corner we have put together a guide on how you can style a casual blazer this summer.


Blazers are the perfect piece that can dress up an outfit but also bring you from day to night, dinners and nighttime events such as parties or even for wearing to meet your friends. 

Blazers are similar to suit jackets but are less structured and are made of lighter material such as linen. This is the perfect fabric for the summer months.  Style your blazer with chinos and loafers for a more dressy look or make it casual by styling with jeans and trainers. A Fish Named Fred is the brand of blazer that we carry in Hanley & Co. These blazers are made of the best quality fabrics and have pieces to suit every occasion.

A Fish Named Fred Blazer Jersey Pique Blue

This blue blazer is the perfect transitional piece which will fit in your wardrobe all year round. It is also a great piece for people who aren’t a fan of too much colour as it is a deep blue which will look well with more understated tones such as baby blue, white and grey.

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A Fish Named Fred Blazer Red

This blush blazer is the perfect blazer for summer. For events such as christening, both weddings in Ireland and abroad, day two of the wedding and the honeymoon. This blazer is very easy to wear and can be styled in many different ways.

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A Fish Named Fred Blazer Sand

A neutral blazer is a must in any wardrobe just like the others mentioned they can be dressed up or dressed down. They are very versatile pieces that can even be worn to more sophisticated events such as meetings or conferences. This blazer is smart and stylish but will still leave you looking appropriate for work.


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A Fish Named Fred Blazer Blue Pique

This baby blue blazer is a stunning piece for summer. Perfect for a christening, wedding or for a garden party.. This versatile piece can be worn over grey, navy or black to brighten up an outfit.


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