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Lockdown in America with Mr. Ireland Wayne Walsh

We have interviewed some Irish influencers and sports stars for tips on how they are staying busy and motivated during self isolation.
First up we have Mr Ireland, Wayne Walsh, from Gort in Co.Galway who is currently living in America during the lockdown period.
We chatted to Wayne to see if he has any motivation tips for our readers during this time.


Who are you self-isolating with?

My housemates (we haven’t killed each other yet anyway)


What tips do you have for people to stay positive and motivated?

Try to plan out your days so you stay productive. With all the free time we all have now I think it’s very important to stay active and busy! I suppose it’s an ideal time to get to those things you’ve been putting off for a while whatever it may be, and I always think being grateful for all the blessings we do have is the best way to stay positive! 


If there anything you have been putting off that you have finally found time for?

Nothing major now really I’ve done a bit of extra reading I suppose and doing a lot more running than I’d normally sign up for which is no harm either 


What’s your favourite movie/book?

I watched Braveheart the other night, it’s a classic! Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins - it’s been in my bedside locker for 3 years now and I'm always reading a few pages of it. It'll sound a bit dramatic but it changed my life. 


Have you participated in any online challenges or TikTok videos that we can check out?

I did a few on Instagram alright but they were only stories I’m afraid! And I haven’t given in to the TikTok hype yet as I’m trying not to spend too much of my day online


Any tips for working out/staying fit at home?

Make use of what you have around you. I know most people are already doing that! It’s a great opportunity for people to really work on their health and fitness now too with the extra time on their hands! It’s always good to set goals for yourself too to keep you on track! 


What does playing sport mean to you?

The current situation definitely highlighted just how important a role it plays in my life! Whether it’s playing matches, training with the lads, in the gym, reading the latest news or watching some form of it on tv outside of family and friends it’s the most important thing in my life! But I know any sportsman you ask will say the same 


What’s your favourite sporting memory?

The 2014 county final was a special day! And watching Galway winning in 2017 was unreal! 


Any Netflix shows/documentaries you want to watch?

There is a new one about Michael Jordan being released so I’ll definitely watch that! It’s always intriguing to get an insight into the greats of the game (regardless the sport)


What is the first thing you will do/ place you will visit when the lockdown is over?

I’ll definitely head to the gym anyway although it’ll probably be like a cattle mart for a week or two, and I’ve missed eating out I must admit so, a nice meal in a restaurant as well, it’s the simple things we miss the most I suppose. I know I won’t be taking anything for granted for a long time anyway! 


Also a massive thank you to all the incredible frontline medical staff!


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