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Lockdown interview with Galway United Star Josh Smith!

We interviewed some Irish influencers and sports stars for tips on how they are staying busy and motivated during lockdown.

Today’s lockdown interview is with Josh Smith! Josh is a professional soccer player for Galway United.

Smith’s first taste of senior football came at SC Idar-Oberstein. The commanding defender returned to America to play college football for the University of San Francisco and then he was drafted by MLS side New England Revolution.

We interviewed Josh to see if he has any motivational tips for our readers during lockdown.

Who are you self-isolating with?

My family is in Kaiserslautern, Germany and I decided to stay in Galway. Right before the lockdown things have been very uncertain and I didn’t want to be a risk factor to my parents nor siblings. Besides that the weather in Galway has been tremendous, so luckily I am happy to be here.


What tips do you have for people to stay positive and motivated?

I believe most of us dread the uncertainty, lack of usual routine and interactions that is currently going on. However we have to focus on the positive things. One of the main lessons that professional sports has taught me is that life is like a roller coaster. One moment you can be on the top of your game playing in front of almost 100,000 people, and in the next moment you can be a heartbeat away from a career ending injury. It’s important not to get too high nor too low. At the moment we are definitely encountering a low but things will get better and we will come back stronger from this. Focusing on positive things and being grateful for the things we have today. Talking with loved ones over WhatsApp especially hearing their voice or seeing their faces via video.


Is there anything you have been putting off that you have finally found time for?

Trying to have a routine in place that keeps you exercising even if it is only a brief walk around the estate. Nutrition is very important to me when it comes to health, lifestyle and positivity. So trying to fit in healthy meals, hydration, incorporate nutritional routines (drinking a glass of water after waking up for example) are key. Visualizing things you will do after lockdown, visualizing things you can do better or different. Reading books and researching things of interest are also keeping me positive. Above all I really can recommend stretching and meditation which help feel better physically and mentally. Those are some points that I can recommend that currently help me.


What’s your favourite movie/book?

Few Favorite Movies: Gladiator, Batman, Lord of the Rings, The Next Three Days, The Book Thief, Inglourious Basterds, Pearl Harbor, Allied, Fury, The Fountain, Southpaw, Zodiac, Nocturnal Animals, Interstellar, Donnie Brasco 

Few Books: 10% Happier by Dan Harris, Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris, The Big Five in Life by Strelecky John, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, 


Have you participated in any online challenges or TikTok videos that we can check out?

I haven't been participating in many online challenges so far however I posted recently on Instagram/Twitter a small backyard clip of training with the ball. Other than that you will have to catch us at Eamonn Deacy Park whenever it is safe to enjoy football again.


Any tips for working out/staying fit at home?

Eating Healthy, Stretching, Mediation, Body Workouts, 


What does playing sport mean to you?

Playing sport means for me that I can go out and be a part of something greater than myself. Be a part of a Team, a Club, a Community. Share one common fascination with millions of individuals around the globe while competing to win battles. 


What’s your favourite sporting memory?

To be honest it's the bonding between special individuals among the organization. It’s the collective effort to compete and be better than the other team. It’s the banter that goes on before training in the locker room with your teammates. It's the heated conversation among teammates when things don’t go well. It’s the feeling when you score a goal, block a shot, keep a clean sheet. It's being grateful being able to play this beautiful sport.


Any Netflix shows/documentaries you want to watch?

Everybody keeps Talking about Carol Baskin and that she most likely did it but no I won’t watch Tiger King. I always enjoy documentaries about planet Earth.


What is the first thing you will do/place you will visit when the lockdown is over?

If we are allowed to play again straight to the locker room. If not you´ll find me in Spain or in Hawaii enjoying the beach.


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