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Lockdown interview with New Connacht signing Sammy Arnold

We are looking for tips from Irish influencers and sports stars on how they are staying busy and motivated during self isolation and social distancing.

Today’s interview is with International rugby player Sammy Arnold. Sammy is new to the Western province having signed with them ahead of the 2020–21 season. He is really looking forward to returning to rugby and getting to know everything that Galway has to offer!

We caught up with Sammy today to ask him about his lockdown experience!

Who are you self-isolating with?

I'm self-isolating with my dog, and my girlfriend Eva in my house in Castletroy in Limerick.


What tips do you have for people to stay positive and motivated?

My tips would be to get out for a walk and get outside of the house, keep yourself busy with projects at home or a gym session, but getting out in the fresh air is the main thing.


Is there anything you have been putting off that you have finally found time for?

Nothing in particular, but I've been enjoying having the freedom to do what I want, to be able to relax when I want and to schedule my own days.


What’s your favourite movie/book?

My favourite movie - I Am Legend, featuring Will Smith

My favourite book is by Ryan Holiday and is called The Obstacle Is The Way


Have you participated in any online challenges or TikTok videos that we can check out? 

No, I tried to stay as far away from TikTok as possible, I’m a terrible dancer and I have no rhythm.


Any tips for working out/staying fit at home?

Yeah keep the session short and sharp, around 15/20 mins, focus on high reps to burn more calories because we’re not as active as we usually would be at the moment.


What does playing sport mean to you?

I love going in every day and loving my job, being around my best friends. I enjoy the ups and downs of match days and coming out the other side of disappointment or a success.


What’s your favourite sporting memory?

My favourite sporting memory would be playing for Ireland against the USA in November 2018.


Any Netflix shows/documentaries you want to watch?

I’m half way through The Last Dance on Netflix.

I finished the Epstein documentary and I’m going to watch the Trump one also.

What is the first thing you will do/place you will visit when the lockdown is over?

The main thing is to see family again. My parents might come to Galway or I might go to visit them.

I’m living in Barna so I'm also looking forward to exploring the coast there.



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