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Lockdown interview with Rugby International and Connacht legend Ultan Dillane

We are looking for tips from Irish influencers and sports stars on how they are staying busy and motivated during self isolation and social distancing.

Today’s interview is with International rugby player Ultan Dillane. Ultan first became involved in rugby when he and his brother were promised €5 by their mother if they went to a local training session and from there his love of rugby grew and grew. Having been capped 15 times internationally and 95 times with his club, he is an impactful player with power and determination in equal measure.

We caught up with Ultan today to ask him about his lockdown experience!

Who are you self-isolating with?

I’m isolating with my older brother and one of the teammates Dominic Robertson-McCoy


What tips do you have for people to stay positive and motivated?

If you set a goal for yourself that's one way to keep yourself motivated, goal setting is really important when you are cooped up in lockdown, I think it's very helpful, and it will also help you stay positive.


Is there anything you have been putting off that you have finally found time for?

Yeah, I suppose in lockdown you take up old hobbies, so I took up playing guitar again, I have a number of electric guitars, so I learned a number of songs during lockdown, practicing has been a good way to pass the time during lockdown. 


What’s your favourite movie/book?

My favourite movie the last couple of years would be Interstellar, it’s an emotional rollercoaster of a movie! 

My favourite book - I’m currently reading ‘Being Mortal,’ the book is a positive message about life and what to expect, it's pretty good.


Have you participated in any online challenges or TikTok videos that we can check out? 

No not on TikTok, I did one online challenge - the Red Bull Tekkers challenge, I posted it on my Instagram page.


Any tips for working out/staying fit at home?

Yeah, I suppose you don't need to be in a gym to stay fit. There are so many creative ways you can use your bodyweight to be able to exercise at home, e.g. you don’t need weights or machines to have a good workout.


What does playing sport mean to you?

For me I suppose it's the comradery and friendship you make along with being competitive together, and chasing the winning feeling.


What’s your favourite sporting memory?

I'm really lucky because I have had loads, I suppose for me it would have to be winning the Pro12 in 2016, it was an amazing end to the season.


Any Netflix shows/documentaries you want to watch?

On my list is the Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich documentary, also The Last Dance is a great show, you don’t even have to like sport to enjoy it.


What is the first thing you will do/place you will visit when the lockdown is over?

First thing I will do is visit my family in Kerry. It's my aunt's birthday in the next couple of months so it would be nice to be down with them for it.




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