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Men's Wedding Attire

For men, dressing for a wedding has never been so exciting. Thanks to the on-going evolution of the suit, men now have an incredible array of options to stand out as a groom, or guest. Although men certainly have fewer options for weddings than women the advantage of being able to reuse their outfits after the wedding, and mix and match the elements for different occasions is a bonus. 



You want to stand out from the crowd but for the right reasons so back away from the badly fitted blue suit and start thinking about how you can do something a bit different to the rest. This guide is a useful read on what to wear to a wedding and different suit styles for men. 



Black Tie

A tuxedo. For wedding purposes, the best suits that have ever, and will ever be made are classic black suits for black-tie events. Black tie is most commonly a tuxedo worn with a bow tie, although some will opt for a straight necktie.. Your shirt should have French cuffs, which you can wear with cufflinks. The option of a white pocket square is recommended, plus a waistcoat. For the shoes, go with black patent and polished. Velvet or satin loafers are also seen with black tie. 


Tip: Wear either style of shoe with a black sock! 






This really depends on the location and time of year. If it's semiformal during the colder months, you'll see darker colors and heavier fabrics on the suits. If it's Spring or Summer and/or held outside, you'll likely see less black and more light gray/blue/beige. But the suit should match, and ensure to wear a collared shirt and a tie and perhaps a pocket square to up the suit's formality.

Tip: Make sure to match your belt with your shoes. Though if your suit trousers fit, skipping the belt is recommended.



Dressy Casual

So long as they’re smart and a good fit, teaming smart trousers with a blazer is a perfectly acceptable dress code for a wedding, or indeed an evening invitation. It’s worth making a bit of an effort, though; so if you decide the venture down the blazer-and-trouser route, why not try wearing something a little different to your usual style?

Tip: Make sure that your trousers are an obviously different colour to your blazer to avoid looking like a mis-matched suit.



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