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New Brand Pyrenex to Hanley & Co.

Pyrenex is a French clothing company specialising in the use of down and feathers. 

Founded in 1859 the business has passed down through the Crabos family for over 150 years. Since then they have continuously produced the highest quality down products available.

The Clothing


Pyrenex is one of our new brands at Hanley & Co, introduced last month and available to shop online and in-store. The feathers and down that Pyrenex uses in all their mens coats  come exclusively from the best goose and duck breeders in Aquitaine, Poitou and the Pyrenees in France. 

The combination of feathers and down in the Pyrenex clothing gives the products their durable, unique shape and feel and provides heat and insulation.

Before any of the feathers or down are used in the products, it is all extensively sorted, washed, dusted, dried and sterilised. This ensures that only the finest material is used in the jackets.


Check out our new Pyrenex coats for Autumn/Winter 2020





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