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Off Duty: Casual Wear for a chilled out weekend

Here in Galway it’s been a hectic couple of weeks with weddings, festivals, race week along with all the birthdays, celebrations, occasions and events that have gone on in between. We won’t lie it has been a great summer but we really are looking forward to a low key weekend and we have just the look you need to do this in comfort and style.


Sweatshirts are the perfect piece for an off duty weekend. They are so comfortable but look that little bit smarter than your traditional hoodie. They are also very versatile pieces that can be worn with joggers if you are staying in or visiting a friend. They can also be styled with jeans if you are going for a stroll around town, out for lunch or even going to the cinema. This Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt is perfect for summer as it is a bright fun colour but also warm and comfortable for cosy evenings in.



Jeans will always be a wardrobe staple. They are such a versatile piece that can be worn in all seasons. They are also the perfect balance between a dressy and casual look, depending on what you style them with. For this look, we are focusing on a more low-key vibes so styling the jeans with a sweatshirt and trainers makes it the perfect casual look for a relaxing weekend. Here at Hanley & Co, we have a large collection of jeans with a wash and a style to suit everyone. 



Trainers are the perfect footwear to finish off an outfit for a low-key relaxing weekend. They are both comfortable and stylish, perfect for relaxing at home, going for a stroll around town or even going to the cinema. Here at Hanley & Co, we have a large selection of designer trainers to choose from, from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Boss Footwear. 

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