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Secrid Wallets at Hanley & Co - The perfect accessory for any outfit.

At Hanley & Co we stock the full range of Secrid wallets, including new arrivals for Autumn/Winter 2020 in lots of new colours including white, yellow, grey, red and navy.

To browse through our full collection of Secrid wallets click here

Why Secrid Wallets are a Game Changer;

  • Easy Access - the make of the wallet makes it super easy to just pop your card out at the bar, no more searching through your pockets to find your card.
  • Protecting Your Cards - The aluminium in the wallets protects your cards from damage, no more bending and breaking, and you won’t be wondering if your card is still in one piece after your night out!
  • Your Essentials - You can leave behind the idea of the bulky wallet bursting with cards and receipts, and carry only what you need securely in your pocket.
  • Express Yourself -  You can express your style by choosing a wallet in the colour of your choice from our extensive wallet collection.

Tip: Brightly coloured Secrid wallets won’t be lost as easily, or left on the table in the pub!

Check out our new Secrid wallets for Autumn/Winter 2020, the perfect stocking filler or Christmas gift.


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