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The Best Gilets to keep your warm in 2023


When choosing which items to add to our in-store and online collections we noticed a pattern in both brands and seasons. The gilet has been featured in both autumn/winter and spring/summer collections by brands such as Belstaff and Napapijiri. Throughout the various different collections and brands gilets have also proven to be best-seller however, from speaking with our customers we have discovered that there is a little confusion about how to style this piece and what size fits best. Due to this, we thought that we would put together a blog post answering your questions.

What is the difference between a gilet and a body warmer?

A gilet is designed using a lighter material which makes it the perfect piece for layering. This is one of the many reasons it has been brought back by many different brands for different seasons. It can be worn all year round layered with knitwear or a hoodie in the winter or worn over a  polo shirt in the summer. A body warmer is designed using a  heavier material which makes it more suitable for the winter or for wearing on colder days. 

What is the point of a gilet? 

A gilet is an easy piece to pop on when going for a walk or meeting a friend for coffee. It is a very practical piece that is sleeveless so your arms are free but when layered you will still be kept warm. Gilets are perfect for creating that easy smart-casual look. 

How snug should a gilet be? 

A gilet should fit you comfortably and allow movement. It should have enough room that you can layer a hoodie, knitwear or whatever piece of desired clothing you would like underneath it. It should close easily and be snug enough to keep out the wind to help you stay warm. 


Should I zip up a gilet? 

The choice is completely up to you. If you are wearing a gilet with the intention of staying warm it is best to wear a gilet zipped up. If the weather is warmer and you are wearing it as more of a fashion statement or an easy piece to pop on it can be worn open. 

What to wear under a gilet? 

Depending on the weather and how cold it is will inspire how you will style your gilet on the given day. In the summer or on warmer days you can style your gilet with either a t-shirt or a long or short-sleeved polo. In the winter or on colder days knitwear, sweatshirts and hoodies can be worn layered underneath. 


Can you wear a gilet with short sleeves? 

Gilets can be worn with both long or short sleeves. The choice is completely up to you but will be influenced by the weather conditions on that day. 

Can you wear a hoodie with a gilet? 

As gilets are designed using a lightweight material wearing a hoodie underneath is the perfect piece to keep you warm and if you happen to be caught in a shower the hoodie will have a hood to help keep you dry. 

Now that we have answered some of your frequently asked questions we thought that we would share some of the gilets we have on offer both in-store and online. 


Belstaff Circuit Gilet 

This Belstaff Circuit Gilet in shade black is the same gilet as the green one featured above. We have sold out of the green version but the black one is just as popular. As you can see from the image above this gilet has been styled by layering it underneath a jacket. This is a great way to wear your gilet in the winter with a knitted jumper underneath to keep you super warm and cosy.


Napapijiri Aerons Vest Jacket

Another proven favourite is this gilet by Napapijiri in shade burgundy fudge.  Napapijri is one of our favourite brands when it comes to gilets as they never disappoint with what they will add to their collections. This shade in particular is very wearable and as you can see from  the image above it can be styled with a sweatshirt underneath and with a pair of jeans to give you a smart casual look. 


Boss Green Thor Water Repellent Gilet

Boss is another brand that includes gilets in many of its collections and again never disappoints. This one in the shade of dark blue is a great piece which is perfect for wearing all year long. As you can see from the description it is water repellent so it's great if you get  caught in a shower and as you can see from the image above it, looks great styled over a t-shirt. 


Pyrenex Bruce Vest Light Gilet

Pyrenex is another brand that is very fond of the gilet. What makes them stand out from any other brand is their use of tube technology fabric which created their signature look. The Pyrenex gilets are ultra-light which makes them very easy to wear and easy to pack too as they won’t take up too much room. Like all gilets, the Pyrenex gilet can be worn all year long layered on colder days or worn over a t-shirt or polo shirt when the weather is a bit warmer. This gilet is available in black, khaki and dark blue.

We hope that you have found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to visit us in either of our stores, call us on 091 567 951 or send us a dm on Instagram at


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