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The lowdown on lockdown with Connacht Fullback Tiernan O’ Halloran

We interviewed some Irish influencers and sports stars for tips on how they are staying busy and motivated during lockdown.

Today’s interview is with Tiernan O’ Halloran! Tiernan is a professional rugby player for Connacht Rugby. We interviewed him to see if he has any motivation tips for our readers during this time.


Who are you self-isolating with?

I’m currently roommates with Jarrad Butler, the Connacht captain. So that works well for staying on top of our training and doing runs/weights together.


What tips do you have for people to stay positive and motivated?

It’s an incredibly tough time for everybody of all ages right now. I guess I would say, firstly stay in touch with your loved ones and friends via FaceTime or just a phone call. Also keep on top of exercising, whether it’s going for a walk or a cycle just to stay active and clear the head. Exercising is such an important part of our mental health. 


If there anything you have been putting off that you have finally found time for?

I've started reading more which I find educational and interesting but also helps to pass the time too.


What’s your favourite movie/book?

Most enjoyable recent movie would be The Gentlemen. Book would be Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker.


Have you participated in any online challenges or TikTok videos that we can check out?

No TikTok’s but I just finished the 5K run challenge and let’s just say it’s not designed for rugby players!! 


Any tips for working out/staying fit at home?

Find a good workout plan that is suitable to your needs and doesn’t require too much equipment that you might not have.

Make sure you set goals and tick each one off every day so it is achievable.


What does playing sport mean to you?

Playing sport has always been such a massive part of my life so to do it professionally representing my home province is a special feeling getting to do it every day. 


What’s your favourite sporting memory?

Would have to be 2016 when we won the Pro 12 for Connacht and then receiving my first Ireland cap a few weeks later.


Any Netflix shows/documentaries you want to watch?

Just finished 4 seasons of Money Heist in less than a week. I highly recommend it!! 


What is the first thing you will do/place you will visit when the lockdown is over?

Once lockdown is over I will be going straight to my parents house to catch up and spend some time with them. After that hopefully we will be back into training and playing again.


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