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Winter Layers

As winter is officially here our main focus when out and about is staying warm and dry. Here at Hanley & Co we have a large collection of pieces to help you achieve just that whilst still looking sleek and stylish. 



This time of year Rainjackets are a must as you never know when you are going to get caught in a shower. One minute it's sunny the next minute it's torrential rain. This type of weather can be quite warm and humid so wearing a heavy jacket might not be the best option in these types of conditions. This Rainjacket by Calvin Klein is light and practical whilst also super stylish. 


Sweatshirts are the perfect piece for layering which makes them essential for this time of year. As Rainjackets are very light it is important to wear warm clothing underneath. Sweatshirts are very warm and cosy which means that depending on the weather they can be worn underneath a Rainjacket alone or if there is a chill in the air you can wear a t-shirt underneath. Here at Hanley & Co we have a large collection of hoodies and sweatshirts to choose from which are perfect for wearing underneath a Rainjacket. 



Jeans are a wardrobe staple no matter what time of year it may be but during the Winter they become an even bigger essential as they are much warmer than chinos and depending on the style they can be just as dressy. Jeans can take you from day to night and we have a variety of washes, cuts and styles for you to choose from. You can view all the jeans we have to offer here. 


Trainers are the perfect footwear for out and about during the week and at the weekends. During the Winter this is no different. Investing in leather trainers is a must for this time of year as they won’t get wet causing you to get cold as canvas ones will. This pair of Boss trainers come in a leather finish which makes them not only practical but also super stylish. 

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